• Where do I find the receipt for my payments?

    Receipt / payment confirmation can be found on “My pages” under the menu “Transaction history”.

  • I tried to buy a bicycle subscription but the payment was refused. Why?

    Some banks have implemented security measures with respect to internet purchases. This means that before using it the card must be opened for internet or mobile bank transactions in the "Open and close card" function. The card will then be active for 60 minutes and will then close automatically.

  • I try to make a purchase but the payment is denied, why?

    Some banks have introduced a security measure when it comes to internet purchases. This means that you may need to open up the card for internet purchases. For help with this, please refer to your bank's customer service.

  • Do you offer subscriptions for companies?

    No, we only offer subscriptions for private customers.

  • What do I do if I lose my card and what to block it?

    It is important that you block the card immediately so no one can misuse your subscription. To do this, log in to the website and click on "Block your current loan method".
    If you want to order a new Drammen Bysykler card, you can do this by clicking "Request replacement card."  That will automatically block the old card. A replacement card costs 90 NOK.

  • How do I end my subscription?

    You end your subscription by logging in to "My Pages" on the website and click "Unsubscribe". Your subscription will not be renewed after it expires. You can cycle until your current subscription expires.

  • Can I allow someone other than myself to use my subscription?

    Yes, but if you choose to allow another person to use your subscription, you are still personally responsible for the loan.

  • I am trying to register an account but receive a message that my e-mail is already used?

    This is because you or someone else has already registered an account with that email address via the website.
    The e-mail address is then used as username when you log in to your account via the website or application. Therefore you can only register one account per e-mail address.
    If you previously tried to register an account but did not complete the registration process, an account may still exist. In that case try to order a new password via the website and then log in to complete the purchase.

  • Why do I need a valid debit card / credit card registered for my subscription to work?

    To be able to use the bikes, a valid debit card / credit card must be registered on your account. This is stated in the Terms of Use. The reason is that we need a security in case of abuse of the system, for example if a bike gets lost.
    If you receive a message that the card is about to expire, you need to update it even though you already have an active subscription. We will not withdraw any additional money from the new card until your current subscription expires.

  • Who can buy a subscription?

    To purchase a subscription, you need to be at least 18 years old.

  • How do I buy a subscription?

    The subscription can be purchased via the website or at our retailer: Drammen kommune turistinformasjon

  • What subscriptions do you offer?

    We offer a season subscription valid the entire season: April 4 - October 31. Note that each ride is limited to 3 hours.


  • I have received an email that I did not return my bike, what do I do?

    If you have received an email saying that your bike has not been returned, you can easily check the status of your latest loan in the application. If the bike is still registered as borrowed, we recommend that you relocate your previous bike to a working station and lock.

    If you were able to cycle after you received the mail, your subscription will work as usual because the previous bike has been registered as returned. You cannot have more bikes registered in one account at the same time.

    The reminders are automatically sent immediately when the loan has exceeds 3 hours.

  • It says that I already have a bike when I try to make a loan, what do I do?

    If you try to borrow a bike but gets the message that you already have a loan, this is because your last return has not been registered. We recommend that you relocate your previous bike to a working station and lock.

  • The lamp flashes green and red when I try to borrow or leave a bike, what do I do?

    In most cases, when the lamp flashes red and green when you try to borrow a bike and the bike is stuck, the problem resolves itself within about five minutes. The lamp should turn red and you will be able to make a new loan.
    If it happens when you return a bike, try to lift the bike in the saddle so that it slides down in the lock properly. If this does not resolve the problem, contact us and provide us with the station and lock number, and we will make sure to help you.

  • My bike got stolen, what happens now?

    If your bike is stolen, please contact us so we can notify our service team to search for the bike. If it is not found within 3 days, we will consider it lost.  In that case we will ask you to file a police report. There will also be a 3.600 NOK cost for the lost bike.

  • Do the bikes have locks?

    No. We recommend that you always lock the bike in a station. You are always responsible for the bike until a correct return has been made.

  • Do you offer bikes for children/child seats?

    We do not offer children's bikes or bicycles with child seats. We usually do not recommend people under 140 cm to use them due to safety reasons.

  • What do I do if the bike is broken?

    If you are assigned a bicycle that is damaged so that it is unusable or dangerous to use, or if the bike breaks during a ride, please return it to a station. You can make a new loan shortly thereafter. Note that you need to wait two minutes between the return and the new loan. The system will assign you another bike.
    We appreciate if you report the bike as broken so that our service team can pick it up and repair the damage. This is done through the application.

  • Can I ride wherever I want to?

    Yes, within reasonable limits. For example, it is not allowed to bring a bike outside the county, or to cycle in the woods and fields. Remember, you must always be able to return your bike in a station within 3 hours.

  • How many bikes can i borrow?

    You can only borrow one bike at a time. If you want to borrow more bikes, you will need to register an account per bike you want to pick out. This requires unique email addresses.

  • For how long can I use the bikes?

    You can use the bikes for up to 3 hours per bike ride. If you exceed the time limit you will be given a “penalty point” for every half late hour. After three “penalty points”, your account will be blocked.

  • What do I do if the station is full or empty?

    It happens that stations get full/empty. The station will automatically inform us if this should occur. We will then transfer bikes to/from the station as soon as possible.
    If you are leaving your bike and the station is full you need to find another station. It is never allowed to leave a bicycle unlocked. Please download our application to make planning your ride easier.

  • Where do I find the bikes?

    We have 16 stations evenly spread in Drammen. Please see the map or download our application to locate the stations.

  • How do I return a bike?

    To return your bike, put it in a free slot at the station, where the light by the slot shines green. Stay by the bike until you see that the lamp in the lock changes from green to red (solid - it must not blink). Make sure that the bike is securely locked by trying to lift it out of the lock.
    If the bike is not locked correctly move it to another slot.
    The bike can be returned in any station, as long as the station is open. This is checked on the screen. If you return the bike in a closed station, the return will not be registered. You are responsible for the bike until a correct return has been made.

  • How do I borrow a bike with my Drammen Bysykler card?

    Hold your card against the card reader located at one end of the station. You will be assigned a bike whose number is displayed on the screen.
    Lift the bike from the lock with the corresponding number. The lamp on the lock should flash green.
    Note that for safety reasons the bike will be locked again if it is not lifted out of the lock within 30 seconds. If that happens, just make a new loan.


  • Where do I download the application and what can it do?

    The application is available for both Android and Iphone and can downloaded via Play Store and Appstore. The app is called "Drammen Bysykler" and is distributed by Clear Channel.

    The application is a tool to make your cycling easier. It offers the following features:

    ● Map over, and status of, all stations in real time
    ● List of all stations. You can also save your favorites 
    ● Statistics of your use and your rides
    ● Function for error reporting